meters that have contactors (internal breakers)


2021-01-13 21:42

Elster AS1440
Elster AS220
Elster AS230
Elster AS3000
Hexing HXE110-KP Single phase DLMS STS meter
Hexing HXE12 Single phase DLT645 (FSK PLC) STS meter
Hexing HXE310-KP Three phase DLMS STS meter
Inhe PLC meter
Kamstrup Meter
Orbis Contax DBus
Ruvick STS meter
Sanxing meter
Wasion/Netvendor STS Meter

and water:
Elster Wave Flow
Vixnet Manzi

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2021-01-13 21:44

The Elster/Honeywell AS220 and AS3500 has relays (if populated), but not an inline contactor.

The A1140 can also potentially have a relay, if populated.

The ElsterHoneywell A1700 can also have 4 relays (by default). The ZMD typically also have relays, but needs an extension module for that I think.

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