Wireless M-Bus Concentrator (PNPC01)


2021-02-16 14:31


The SDG Kamstrup Water Concentrator.  (Mode C1)
Can also be set up to support iPerl or Sensus Gas or Friendcom WMBus pulse counters, on request. (Mode T1)

Easy Troubleshooting updates automatically within seconds
Real Time values - Only concentrator that offers real time values
Data Logging Capability - Stores a year of per half hour profile history for up to 100 meters.
Safe and Secure - AES Encryption support
Standalone ? no PC needed
Web Browser and Cell-phone interfaces Out-of-the-box
Open Platform & API (www.OpenHAB.org 2)
Including historical and real time APIs
Compatible with PNPSCADA AMR

To add a PNPSCADA concentrator, you will need:
1) the URL on the front of the Concentrator.
2) The KEM file for each water meter
3) User Key for each KEM file

Step 1: Add Concentrator by going to File->New->RTUs->OpenHAB 2.0 server
[As Ruan has pointed out, it is now under Concentrators not RTUs]

Step 2: In a separate tab, browse the URL on the front of the concentrator with /rest/uuid appended.
e.g. for the URL pnpc15.pnpscada.net you will need to browse pnpc15.pnpscada.net/rest/uuid

This will give you the UUID of the Concentrator that you need for the next step

Step 3: Back on the Add Screen:
UUID: paste the UUID from the previous step
Name: Human readable name
IP/Host: The URL on the front of the box
HTTP Port: 80
HTTP User & Password: currently none needed
Protocol: HTTP

You should now be able to browse the Concentrator.
Go to PAPAER UI -> Configuration -> Things to see your meters.

Step 4: Loading KEM files
With your Concentrator selected in PNPSCADA, go to Tools->Edit OpenHAB parameters.
Choose the KEM file and specify the User Key, then Click on Add KEM file.

Once done, you can click on the 'List Meters on OpenHAB' link, to show all your meters.
This will also automatically add all the meters that the Concentrator can see (with KEM files) to your account.

If you now go to the overview screen you will see your meters there.
You can go to Tools->Communication Monitor to read the meter.
If it says 'Could not find meter at address', you need to wait a couple of minutes for the Concentrator to read the meter.

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2017-03-22 10:28

to see comms errors on the concentrator itself, you can browse this URL:
Replacing the bold parts with your relevant concentrator and meter number.
This should give you output like this:

The 'ON' means the comms error is on, meaning there is NO comms between the concentrator and the server


2017-03-24 17:24

There is no hard limit as to how many water meters you can read through this concentrator, although, if you load many (16+) meters it is advisable that you set your water meters to 96 second (fixed network) mode.


2017-11-03 16:14

Please note, this is not not an RTU any more, but a Concentrator


2019-05-29 08:39

you can download WMbusConcentratorLocation that helps you to find the best location for the concentrator here WMbusConcentratorLocation

you'll need to plug the WMBus Dongle into your laptop. If you have a concentrator, you can plug the dongle out of the concentrator and into your laptop. Note that there is also an Android App that can do this. You'll need a usb2go (that you can buy at phone shops) to be able to plug the dongle into your phone.


2019-09-17 11:20

If a new meter is not working, here are things to try:
1) Go to Tools->Edit OpenHAB parameters
2) Upload KEM file

3) Log into the concentrator, and make sure there is a group called meters added

4) Under Setup Wizard or Things, make sure all meters have been added to the meters groups

5) Click List Meters on OpenHAB
6) and click on set key

7) Click on fix Itemless Meters on OpenHAB


2020-09-09 16:08

to connect up a friendcom

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