How can I delete kamstrup totals


2020-09-09 09:23

This post was transcribed from a support call

Client: Can you tell me how I can delete totals for a kamstrup meter? I?m wanting to read in the data again from the meter, but I can?t seem to be able to delete the totals

Support: if there is no delete link, enter a manual total at the same time, and that will overwrite the old total. You can then delete the manually entered total, and then there will be no total at that timestamp

Client: So I will need to do that for each Total for the period I want to delete?

Support: there is a button to delete all check totals
and if there is already a delete link, just use that
usually most would have a delete link?

you can also set a checkbox to delete totals when you set the maxdate back (newer totals)

Client: I did that, but it didn?t delete anything

Support: I think if I remember correctly, last time there was a problem with a pulse ratio for a meter where the 'primary' checkbox was set. Which should be impossible for Kamstrups

for a kamstrup, if you have 'primary' checkbox on, the UPP/PPU must be 1

Client: It only has delete data and delete events (no total)

Support: delete data, that is it

Client: That didn't delete anything

Support: 'Delete newer data'

well, if it didn't delete anything, it is because everything was older than the maxdate you set

it only delete it if its timestamp is newer than the maxdate you set

in other words, it also deletes the profile

do you want to keep the profile?

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2019-01-05 17:49

Client: No I wanted to delete everything
I want to read the meter again but want to remove the data first
It seems to not work if you choose the check box when you first change the date
If you first set the max date and submit 1st
Then choose the checkboxes and submit that 2nd - it then deletes the data

Support: Yes, the maxdate must change for it to do anything, I think
Oh? Other way around?

Client: So if you change the date and choose the checkboxes in 1 go - it doesn?t work
You have to do 2x seperate submits

Support: O i c

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