Plug and Play Scada provides an easy interface, with context sensitive Help provided on every page.
The typical end-user will not have administrative access, and should not need any training.
For the Power User or Reseller, free on-line Training material is available, as well as our FAQ section for deeper technical help. The technically astute should be able to teach themselves from these resources.
For those who still need training, or want to send employees for training, or Resellers who want to attain a preferred status with us and be recommended by us to do Plug and Play SCADA Installations for clients, Formal Training is also available on a number of topics.

Formal Plug and Play Scada Training

Training Courses are usually held in the second week of every month, but make sure to book beforehand,
(Please phone Thea van Zyl at
+2710 003 1015 opt 4 to book).
The Training Course is a Two day course, and costs R3,223.00 (excl. VAT) Per Person Per Day.
(Discount can be negotiated if more than one Trainee needs to attend)
We recommend that you invest in your own knowledge before making any firm AMR buying decisions.
All our courses give the students hands on experience with actual equipment and data. Here is a list of the themes we may cover:
Course NameCodeShort DescriptionRecommended forLink
AMR Induction101Explains AMR and AMI, some of the possible configurations, and some of the pitfalls in the industry.Everyonedownload
General Installation of Meter Communications102Generally adding a meter on Plug and Play Scada and testing that it works. Considering various Communication options that are available, e.g. Multi-drop, RS485 vs. RS232, Different Meters Supported, Modems vs. EtherpadsTechnicians
Installation of Communication - active GPRS modems104Working without an APN and the advantages and disadvantages thereof. The different modems that can support this: SmarTee modem; Maestro modem; Siemens TC65 modems; Enfora modemTechniciansdownload
Installation of Communication - passive GPRS modems104Working with an APN and the advantages and disadvantages thereof. Configuring modems on the meter for APN; Configuring APN Routing from the Server.Techniciansdownload
Installation of Communication - CSD modemsWhy use CSD? (as a fall-back or for old modems). Requirements and Restrictions. Configuring Modems on the meter for CSD; Configuring CSD Modems on the Server.Techniciansdownload
Installation of Communication - Etherpads103Why Etherpads? (reliability and cost). What is an Etherpad. Configuring Lantronix etherpad on the meter for active or passive connection.Techniciansdownload
Installation and testing: SDG's TOU-aware RTU106Working with Pulses & synchronizing Totals. RS485. Installation and Troubleshooting.Techniciansdownload
Installation and testing: Wavenis Wireless Mesh107Limitations of Wireless. Why is Wavenis better than Zigby for metering. Working with Pulses & synchronizing Totals. Installation and Troubleshooting. Using WavenetExplorer and importing to Plug and Play Scada.Techniciansdownload
Configuring Tariffs, TOU and Meter Accounts120How to set up Tariffs, Time-of-Use Calendars and Meter AccountsAccountantsdownload
Monthly Billing Runs and Exporting121How to do formal Monthly Billing Runs on Plug and Play Scada, performing all the different checks before publishing and exporting the bills to a 3rd party accounting system.Accountantsdownload
Customer Accounts and Permissions131How to configure different Roles and Permissions on you Plug and Play Scada account, including Customer Accounts. How to customize your client's web page and sub-domain. Explaining the Glass Wall.Admin Staffdownload
Prepaid Facilities,Ledgers and Connectors
122Prepaid Facilities,Ledgers and Connectors.
141Covers Different Reports
Fault Finding and Auditing
126General Fault Finding and Auditing of data
Accountants & Technicians
Test Bench
150Test Bench
Accountants & Technicians
MDUS Advanced
161MDUS Advanced
Accountants & Technicians

How the interface works

Bill Run Step 1: Meter Validation

Bill Run Step 2: Running the Bill

Bill Run Step 3: Bill Variation

Bill Run Step 4: Bill Export

Residential Tariffs

Adding a Block Tariff with Changing Block Sizes

Demand Tariffs

TOU Tariffs

Meter Audit

How to select multiple entities from Excel

Please watch this video before coming for training. It is not about PNPSCADA, but about Tariffs in general.

* All our courses come with 7 years telephonic support for the trainee in the subject taken.