Using alphaSET to read AS3000 over the internet with TCP Bridge


2020-11-03 08:03

To read the profile of an Elster AS3000 using alphaSET:
1. Make sure you have alphaSET v3.23 or higher installed
2. Log in as utility

3. Go to Extras->Options

4. Choose IP Net
Fill in your server's IP address (Default for central server Adam is
Port 10001
Make sure connection timeout is 9 or more
Click green check at bottom

5. Go to Extras->IEC1107 Address

6. Enter your meter's serial number (Device Address on front of meter, if it is only 7 digits, put a 0 in front)

7. Go to Extras->Change Utility Password

8. Enter meter's password (default 30003000)

9. Log in to PNPSCADA
And select the modem attached to the meter

10. Then go to Tools->TCP Bridge

11. Click on the start button.
'stopped' should turn to 'running'
If it does not, continue to do so until it does.

12. Click on read registers button '123,4'
then wait for it to read the registers on that meter
Then click on the Read Profile button

13. If that worked, you should get the following screen
Enter the dates you want to read between and click the graph button bottom left

14. After it has read, a graph button should appear at the bottom, that you can click to view the graph,
or alternatively you can click File->Save to save the profile.
It will save as a .LP file, but it is similar to a .CSV, so you can open it in Excel or LibreOffice Calc

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