Product Specs

The servers and connectivity

Flexible Distributed Architecture: use through cloud computing or your own server/s on site
Windows supported for Server Software, Linux preferred.
Fully Tested and Optimized Server Hardware Platform available, with enhanced support and guarantees for the complete solution. Includes all PC hardware, operating system licenses and database licenses.
Recommended Platform: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, cache size: 4096 KB, Memory 16GB, SSD 1TB disk space and 100mbit ethernet port.
Daily remote backups
Automatic Software Updates

Devices and functions supported

Multi-Vendor Meter support. (Elster, Enermax, Landis&Gyr, EDMI, PRI, Wavenis, Actaris SL7000, etc)
Additional Meter support available at a fee if the Protocol is available.
Full Fixed Network support, with backwards compatibility to manual entry and some meter reader handhelds
Configurable period for meter readings. Default is once per day.
Virtual metering supported for alternative sources of power, e.g. Generators.
Load Scheduling and Demand Control, on small or municipal scale. Automatic or Incident based.
Simple real time SCADA elements and logic supported
Capture and view GIS information per device.
Facilitate the creation, configuration and switching of Contactors and Breakers on the system.
Facilitate real time meter reading via SNMP or OPC Client interface.
Facilitate real time maximum demand prediction

Data gathered from devices/ this enable you to?

Simultaneous Maximum Demand and RMS Maximum Demand supported on the same meter.
Correct per half hour Maximum Demand Summation across multiple meters.
Real time, On-line Provisional Bills Quota view.
Baseline Historical Analysis. (Eskom PCP)
Statistics view.
Tariff comparisons.
Download Meter Readings in CSV format
Meter Details & Events
Monthly Bills
Phasor Graphs when supported by that meter type
Management and auditing of meter totals, including reading totals from the meter, capturing manual readings, doing interpolations and adjusting totals.
Historical Trending and Graphing of Miscellaneous Analog values, for instance Instrumentation values.
Web service interface for M2M Bulk Configuration, manipulation and reading of data.

Interface with you

Simple Web interface, supports both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. (No ActiveX or Applets)
Full functionality available through flexible Web interface, including real time functions.
Web interface suitable to roll out to clients without training.
Profile Graph with easy zoom and pan functionality. Time of Use color coded.

User interface Customizable per Organization
Provides each Organization its own sub domain and login name-space

Fully configurable user login database, with role based security.
Glass wall for user logins and for selected GPRS modems and ether-pads.

How we help you to fault find

Notifications for Events, Queries and Fault management. Forwarding to email and SMS supported.
Communication Logs and Meter Problem Reports
Real Time Communication Monitor, showing real time conversations with devices in the field down to a binary level, in the web browser. Facilitates end-to-end communication verification by technician on-site.
Remote support
Training available. 7 years telephonic support included (conditions apply).

Visit our Demo account at

Username: demo
Password: demo

Billing Engine

Billing Engine with configurable Tariffs and Time of Use Calendars. Time of Use supported.
Internationalization: including configurable Currency, Time Zone and Daylight-saving support.
Monthly Billing Wizard: provides checking of readings and bills.
Billing exports in CSV or SQL format. Additional Specific Reports or Billing Integration available at a fee.

Cost of Plug and Play Scada

Monthly, Yearly or Ever-Green License available, inclusive of O/S and DB licenses.
Training available