2019-07-01 12:58
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You can download software to read the Wasion DTSY341-5V3.3G (3 Phase integrated keypad with GPRS) IEC meter here (120k)

Latest Version: 2019-07-01
*added error codes

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2017-11-06 10:02

SMS Commands to Setup Wasion Modem:
change IP with your server IP.

First SMS

Second SMS

Third SMS


2019-09-16 08:45

Get the server IP address that will be used to log the meter data from the Client. Or Adam ('''')

 SMS the AT set-up commands below to the modem: 

1: First send


(most service providers only want something in the user and Password field)

(When using your own APN fill in the details as specified for your APN)

                                    2: Then send

                                    #AT+APN?          See if what you sent matches the reply sms

                                    3: Then send

                                    #AT+GPRS=0,''server IP address'',2230  Note: That the IP must be between '' ''

                                    4: Then send

                                    #AT+GPRS?       See if what you sent matches the reply sms

                                    5: Then send


                                    6: Then send

                                    #AT+HBTT? The reply will be (+HBTT:300 OK)

                                    7: Then send


                                    The reply is the signal strength. Note: 17-31 is usable connection 31=100%

                                    Improve Signal by adding a proper external antenna to the Modem.

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