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2019-06-20 14:49

Please will you let me know whether there is a way that I can identify if a meter is currently disconnected. When we go on contractor, where you switch the meter on or off, it does not show whether it is actually on or off. Is there another screen that can give me a list of those meters currently disconnected?

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2012-02-01 12:19

Currently we do not read back the on/off status of the breakers into the system.

Generally it is more reliable to read the on/off status through another means, eg does the meter still register energy?, or a digital input. The reason for that is that in Scada systems generally the on/off switch is a seperate piece of equipment, that could conceivably be connected to the wrong circuit, so it is better to measure the circuit rather than monitor the switch itself.

In your case, however, the switch is integrated into the meter, so - unless the meter itself is faulty - you shouldn't have that problem.

The best we currently offer is to see what is the last state to which the meter was switched, and of course the profile graph to see if any energy was used (which should be impossible if off)

If we should read the on/off status, our system will show it incorrectly if someone else switched it independantly from our system afterwards. And if no-one else is switching it, the last state to which our system switched it should be the current state.

Therefore the most reliable way in most cases to be sure if it is/was off, would be to first check the last switched-to state, and if off, check in the profile graph that it registers zero consumption.

We don't currently have a page to view all the last switched-to states of a group of breakers.

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