Kamstrup Omnicon concentrator tips


2020-08-11 11:53

To configure it, use a web browser and go Setup.
You have to browse on https, not http, and accept the certificate.
The password would be kamstrup
The ethernet port does not work if there is a modem on the unit. Plug out the modem first.
It could use DHCP to get an IP address, depends on how it was ordered. It wil be labelled with' Ethernet: DHCP' or the IP, near the serial number on the actual unit. You can also order with an APN name.
The Utilidriver server port number is by default 48190. On the server at SDG - for the smaller suppliers that don't have their own Kamstrup servers - the port on which they have to connect is definately 48190.
The NTPv4 server must have a valid IP address, and it must work, otherwise nothing else will work. Try pool.ntp.org? Look under Services NTP to see if it works or if it is pending or what.
It has some rudimentary troubleshooting tips: Go to the Dashboard, there should be a number of little boxes in the screen, make sure everything is resolved.
If your concentrator is not accessible to the server over a static ip, some actions destined to the concentrator from the server could take a very long time to execute. The frequency at which the concentrator connects to the server can be set up at the Setup screen. The 'UD connect backoff window in secs' is by default 21600 seconds, being 6 hours...... please set it to more frequent than the default 6 hours.
If you are using the SDG server, I would advise you to use a TRUTEQ APN Sim card, with a static IP, because then the Kamstrup server would be able to contact the concentrator directly.

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