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2015-01-16 13:40
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How do I set up a Kamstrup GPRS modem or concentrator to connect to PNPSCADA

PLEASE NOTE! This thread's information is old. 
As of time of writing, (2022-10-06), SDG has decided to discontinue offering the service of hosting a Kamstrup server. Please make use of SmartPowerSA's services or get your own Utilidriver server from Kamstrup. Pnpscada can integrate to any Kamstrup Utilidriver server.

Any and all kamstrup licenses of SDG has been handed over to SmartPowerSA.


2020-08-11 11:50

Well, our Kamstrup server is at, so you need to setup your modem or concentrator to connect to that IP address.
The concentrator typically has an ethernet port, and you can configure it through a web browser, using the password in the manufacturer's documents.
If you are working through a Kamstrup modem, there is a good chance that you need an APN to be able to connect to the modem from the server. You can set up your APN by sending it an SMS in this format:
=apn TRUTEQ#
where TRUTEQ is your APN name, so put in something else if your APN is something else.
To see what the apn is, I think you can sms
If you have an older Kamstrup concentrator, that needs an APN, because from AMR Manager you need to set the server to connect out to the old Kamstrup concentrator. You must make sure the Kamstrup server have access to that APN. You also need some support guy to actually load your KEM files manually, since it is not automatable through web services like with the newer generation Kamstrup meters, so that would be an additional cost, unless you have your own kamstrup server, in which case you can do it on there yourself.

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2015-10-30 12:31
Last Edited 2022-10-06 10:20

If you access the Kamstrup server at SDG through the TruTeq APN, the IP is
The ports that should be open inbetween are
48181, 49185, 48190, 48191, 48192, 443, 80, 25, 21, 5001, 6666, 123, 161, 162, 10161, 10162.

PLEASE NOTE! This information is old. TruTeq does not offer APN services any more as far as we are aware.

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