Elster Outstation number


2019-03-26 15:58

You'll need an installed version of Elster's SMARTset
an optical probe connected to the computer and meter

The Optical Probe mounts on a specific COM port.
To see which port that is:
1. right click the Windows Start Menu

2. click on Device Manager
3. under Ports (COM & LPT) look for your Optical Probe. It should show the COM port next to the device.
if you are not sure which USB device it is, unplug it and it should be removed from the list.

Run SMARTset
4. Default password for SMARTset is Elster

5. Go to Flag Communications Server Setup

6. next to the COM port your Optical Probe mounted on, double click Unassigned, and change it to Switchable

7. click on the Other Items tab
8. and set the Flag Inter Message Timeout to 11000
Click Save

9. In the Scheme Manager, right click a white area on the right side
10. New
11. A1140 (or A1700 or AMI for AS230)
12. A1140 Scheme Manager

13. Give the scheme a name

14. Go to Meter Identifiers, then check Outstation Number and put in the desired Outstation Number
15. Click on Send To Meter

16. Set Connection to Local Flag
17. Check that the COM Port showing is the correct COM port. If it is you can skip to 20. Else click on Button with the 3 dots

18. Select Local Flag
19. Click Amend

20. Set the COM port to your COM port
21. Put in the password (Default is FEDC0003)
22. Click OK

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