Program A1700 with always on relay


2020-05-08 08:17

To set an A1700 to have relay 1 to be always on in PMU, follow these steps:
1. Create a 1700 Scheme in PMU by right-clicking in the white area as shown in the picture:

2. Select Tariff, tick the Tariff checkbox at the top and set Rate 1 to be Import Wh

3. Select Define Seasons Tab and click new day
Add a day

4. Now set Monday to Sunday to that day (on the right) and make sure the rate is on from 0:00 to 24:00 (bottom)

5. Select Season Changeover tab and make sure this one season applies over the entire year, as shown below

6. Select Relay Setup (left) and set the relay function for Ralay 1 to 'Rate Registers'
then add Rate 1 to the 'close on these' list

Now you can click the red 'Send to Meter' button at the top to send it to the meter.

In PNPSCADA, you need to add a Contactor to the meter

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