Telnet login details for the Elster A1700 etherpad module


2019-05-02 13:27

What are Telnet login details for the Elster A1700 etherpad module?

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2012-02-17 11:29

Elster A1700 Etherpad xxx
username: root
password: xxx

  1. Connect to serial port via terminal program.
  2. while sending 'x' (lower case character x) all the time, cycle power on etherpad. (9600, 8N1)
  3. The etherpad will go into recovery mode and give you a telnet menu
  4. You can set up everything through the serial port telnet menu.


2019-05-02 13:27
Last Edited 2022-08-18 11:29

You can also download

This will automatically locate all A1700 etherpad modules on the network, and provide you with an easy interface to set the IP even if you dont know the IP.
The default password is xxx

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2012-09-22 04:36

If you know the IP address, you can also telnet it normally.
The Elster Etherpad module we are referring to is a special module that slots in as a module under the Elster A1700 meter cover, supplied locally (South Africa) to Elster Kent Metering South Africa by Mult-E-Net ( in the Western Cape, previously known as San people (e.g. You still need a normal RS232 comms module as well (the etherpad has a connector that fits into the RS232 comms module)

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