cable pinouts


2012-09-21 15:07

E0 kabel epad3 or A1140 to EHUB

E1 kabel master - modem na ehub

E2 kabel - etherpad na ehub of A1140

E3 kabel slave - epad3 na pc

E3 kabel slave - relay na ehub

E4 kabel slave - A1700 na ehub

E5 kabel master - L&G na ehub

E6 kabel slave - Prim7(female) na ehub

E8 Slave PC,232Buff,Epad1 MDropped on Elster Daizy Chain

E10 WaveBox Kocos Waveport

E12 kabel MasterModem na SlaveElsterMeter

E13 Maestro 1140

E22 kabel - Prim7 na ehub of A1140 of AS230

Maestro Kabel PinOut DB9 to DB15


2014-10-15 09:53

SmartOne to EDMI


2021-03-08 12:45

RS485 Cable Pinout from KoCoS Modem to Billing Online Comms Module

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