Landis and Gyr ZMG IEC Comms Troubles


2023-10-25 17:06

Hi There

we have installed a couple of these L&G ZMG meters, and with Matiaan's help, got it working. Using IEC. However, about once a month they would stop reading, and give me this fault:

Summary: Communication error

Explanation: It did connect, and there seems to be a meter on the port, but the connection is not good. It will probably come in if you run it with 30 retries.

It seems to read the real-time values just fine, but cannot read the stored consumption registers, so the meter profile does not update.

Using debug mode, I see it says that the meter time is out by more than 300 seconds. So, setting the time of our server typically fixed this issue. However, it now longer fixes the issue. The meter time and server time match nearly perfectly, but I still get this fault.

Any ideas?



Tags: landis & gyr
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