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2019-05-02 13:48

The question has been asked: How do I set up the L&G Remote Access Terminal (RAT) to communicate to PNPSCADA? How do I read my Landis & Gyr split prepaid meters in Plug and Play Scada?
Most of it is very simple and obvious, if you just follow the clues. Starting with what is displayed on its LCD screen:
You can configure the RAT by connecting to it from your laptop on the IP address that is displayed in its LCD screen (; and then fill in the parameters and submit.
The RAT notices the meters on the PLC network itself. You don't have to add any meters.
The main difficulty, as with any setup like this, is that the RAT's gprs module must be addressable to your PNPSCADA Server. That means you must have an APN. The PNPSCADA Server also needs to be addressable to your RAT. The important port here is port 8080 (as configured on the config screen above); to which the server and the rat will send HTTP requests back and forth. So it is important to set up port forwarding on your router if your server is on a local network behind a firewall. You might already have it set up on the one router, so that people can browse your PNPSCADA server, however, you probably access the APN through another (3G) router, so in this case you have to set up the routing for TCP port 8080 on there to break in to your server on that port, and configure the APN IP of your 3G router in the RAT setup screen, so that it can see (send HTTP requests to) your server. (we are currently working to integrate TruTeq APN with our main hosted servers, so if you don't have your own server, you'd probably have to use a TruTeq SIM card, which you can rent from them)
Make sure you have configured the correct APN ips on the config screen, on the left for the IP of your RAT, on the right for the IP of your server (I just leave the gateway the same as the server, I tried to make it blank, but it didn't take the setting)
Another small note, is that the SUPTALK server id that you configured when you added the Suptalk entity on PNPSCADA (e.g. 1000); must be the same id you configure for the SUPALK server on the RAT, so that they match up.
You may have to wait a while for your data to come through, give it a day or so, and maybe you'll see some meters you didn't know were in the vicinity, which is pretty standard. Don't worry about that. You should also be able to send a token to a meter. You can expect to see half hour Consumption data, and a total or two, every now and then.

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