Output Error on Landis and Gyr


2019-05-02 13:49

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Hi Marinus

This problem is persisting and it is will become a problem with billing.
Check below, this is what is happening.

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2013-09-11 07:33

A BCC error usually occurs when the signal is very bad or the link drops. The BCC is the Binary Check Character that is at the end of every packet, and it is calculated using all the previous bytes in the packet, so if they don't match, it means the communication stream was corrupted.


2013-09-11 07:33

This has been like this for 3 to 4 days now.
How can we remedy this.


2013-09-11 07:34

There are many things you can try. How many meters are there with this problem?
You can try to improve the signal by moving the arial on the meter, you can try CSD, you can download the profile manually with a laptop and an optical probe, and upload the resultant profile into PNPSCADA on the appropriate screen, ....
Why would the BCC fail? If even CSD fails, you can try reading the profile with MAP110 or MAP120 remotely, because then that should also fail, at which point it becomes a non-PNPSCADA issue and you can call Landis and Gyr to ask them what to do.
So, what my advice is:

  1. Try to read it in on CSD using PNPSCADA

    1. If it succeeds, go move your arial so that your reception is better for GPRS
    2. If it fails, try reading in the profile on that meter with MAP110 or MAP120 over CSD from your computer

      1. If is succeeds, it is a PNPSCADA problem. Notify Marinus and in the meantime to solve for billing, save the profile download file somewhere useful, and upload the profile download file into PNPSCADA with the Tools>ImportReadings screen.
      2. If it fails, it is not a PNPSCADA problem. Go to site with a laptop and optical probe to try and read the meter profile locally using MAP110 and/or MAP120.

        1. If the read over probe succeeds, it is a modem problem. Replace the modem and/or SIM.
        2. If the read over probe fails, it is a Landis & Gyr problem, contact Landis & Gyr. Possibly change out meter.

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