Sensus FTP file system on PnPScada


2018-09-17 09:04

Here is the process to get the sensus FTP file system working on PnPScada

Things you need to have and know before you start:

  1. Can you restart the PnPScada server once you have added the server
  2. If available for testing, a copy of the zip file from the sensus controller
  3. An FTP Client in order to upload the zip file and test the process
    I use Filezilla on Windows
  4. In order to get this to be automated, you will need to setup the ftp server on the sensus controller

Steps to follow in order to get the process working

  1. Logon to the organization as the administrator account where you want to have the meters loaded
  2. Click Add New
    1. Servers
    2. Sensus Ftp Server
      1. Give the server a name
      2. Keep the file column set as 3
      3. -> Finish
    3. Restart the server
      On the main administrator account there should be ?Server configurator? on the home screen
      1. Click on this
      2. You should see Admin appear (Click on Admin)
      3. You should now be in the Overview screen with the admin server configurator selected
      4. Click Tools -> Server Restart
        Put in a reason (e.g. FTP Setup)
        -> Restart Server Now
        It should start counting and in 30 seconds will reboot
      5. Logout of all the PnPScada screens

After the server restart

  1. Logon to PnPScada (Back to where you added the FTP Server)
  2. Open your ftp Client software
    1. Server address =
    2. Username = organization. Username
    3. Password = ****
    4. Once logged onto the server, you should have a list of folders on the server
    5. Open the folder called DATA
    6. Now create a new folder within DATA,
      1. This will be where the files are uploaded
      2. You can use the site name as the folder name as an example
    7. Transfer the Zip file into the newly created folder
  3. After 2 to 3 minutes, you should now have the following on your home screen in PnPScada
    1. Sensus Scout / iPerl / Webdyn Gateway
    2. Click on this and you should see the Site name
    3. Click on that and all the meters get listed

You are now setup and ready to add meter accounts and rename the meters accordingly

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