Why is my sensus water meter not calling in?


2015-03-05 08:08
Last Edited 2022-05-18 09:26

This has been transcribed from an actual email thread
The files upload fine with ftp from the webdyn device, I've checked with filezilla and they are there on pnpscada.
The meter entities are created on PNPSCADA.
However, the data is not reading in. There is no profile in the graph. Why not?

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2015-03-05 08:13

Ah yes. The sensus water meters are automatically created on PNPSCADA. The reason they are not accepting profile, is because they are created in the disabled state.
The reason for this, is that we have had situations in the past where the pulse constant for multiplying the pulses were set up wrong in the MIU, and then all the profile is wrong in PNPSCADA, and it is difficult/tedious to fix that.
So, what is necessary, is for you to make sure that the pulse constant is correct on Edit->Meter Details before you put in any profile, and in the same screen is the Disabled checkbox that you can just untick. Once that happens, any more profile that is uploaded will populate fine. If there are old files you want to re-sequence, download them with ftp and upload them with ftp again. The ftp-let checks for profile files on upload, so the meter needs to be enabled at the time of the upload for the profile to populate.


2015-03-30 13:08

Another thing worth mentioning, is that if you don't upload the file using the fill path from root, e.g. if you use FileZilla, you must upload the file into the ftp root or DATA sub directory, otherwise it doesn't get interpreted.

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