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2018-03-12 15:03

When you want to add Sensus meters to pnpscada, you need to add the Sensus FTP server entity on PNPSCADA. The Sensus concentrator, will ftp files to the PNPSCADA server, containing the readings of the water meters.

On the sensus concentrator, you have to configure your pnpscada server's url or IP as the ftp url, and the login and password of a pnpscada user as the ftp login and password. 

You configure the sensus concentrator typically through an http interface. See the documentation of the Sensus concentrator to see how to do that.

There should be only one Sensus FTP server entity per organization on PNPSCADA. Your Sensus FTP server entity, must be the only Sensus FTP server entity visible to the pnpscada user whose login credentials you will use from the concentrator.

PLEASE NOTE, that you should specify the full login, which includes the subdomain for your organization, e.g. sdg.marinus

PLEASE NOTE, that the server needs to restart, to update the FTP account. The FTP will not work until the server has been restarted. If you cannot restart the server, wait for the next day, for the process daily restart.


2018-03-12 15:15
Last Edited 2022-05-18 09:25

When files are sent from the Concentrators to PNPSCADA, gateways (concentrators) and meters will be automatically created on pnpscada.

iPerls are created in an enabled state, but the Sensus Scout meters are created in a disabled state. You must go and activate the meters in the Meter Details screen, ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE SET THE PULSE RATIO correctly.

You can see how your uploads are progressing using various screens under Tools. You can also ftp to the server if you want. Each organization (ftp entity) get its own ftp directory tree, so your organization and another organization can co-exist on the same pnpscada ftp server without collissions.

When you've selected the FTP server entity, a screen under Tools that becomes available is Sensus FTP Queue. It shows how many files are in progress of being processed.

When you've selected the Sensus Gateway (RTU or Concentrator or Gateway used interchangeably), under Edit, you can select 'Manage Webdyn/Sensus Gateway'. A useful feature on there, is the Meter Auto Add checkbox, which you can switch off, if you don't want it to add new meters any more. It sometimes happen that other meters or spurious packets gets uploaded, and 'ghost' meters created, which could irritate you. So, here you can switch the auto add feature off.

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