What is the RS485 settings for the Veryco meter?


2024-02-20 11:39

For the modem of the Veryco meter, being TASTEK
Using the    Tool V2.4.3 software

do 8E1, NOT 8N1. 9600 baud

You should be able to use another RS485 modem or communications device, but remember to set it to 8E1, 9600 baud.


2024-02-20 11:44
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The TASTEK can be found under Concentrators. It is called the Generic Collector.

It basically connects via TCP/IP on port 2260.

The Generic Collector sends the same unique ASCII ID via TCP as ID string on connection, and periodically after as a watchdog string, and requires no reply from the server. The unique ID must be at least 10 ASCII characters long.

E.g. a typical message the TASTEK sends is?'AA10'+IMEI?

If you make your own device, and it follows the above convention, you can use it as a Generic Collector as well.

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2024-02-21 12:00
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Undercover Ethernet to Serial Converter

There is no data bits setting. When you set parity to Even, it assumes 7 data bits.

That means, none of these Kocos devices would work with the Veryco meter on RS485.

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