Hexing HXE130 support ins and outs


2023-11-05 08:42
Last Edited 2024-01-29 11:18

The Hexing HXE130 single phase meter is supported by PNPSCADA, although we have encountered different firmware versions thereof.

Add it to PNPSCADA as a?Hexing Single phase DLMS STS meter.

Although the OBIS codes are somewhat different, and the breaker switch and the sts code sending mechanism, and the internal Hexing GPRS modem actually uses a different protocol (usually), it is similar enough for the code in PNPSCADA to self-adapt between the normal mode (for e.g. the HXE110 or HXP100 versions) and the HXE130 mode. So it should be simple enough for the majority of customers to use.

We have encountered one version that actually fails to GET the serial number of the meter because it seems it is already logged in to by the hexing internal GPRS modem. We have now also encountered this for a HXP100DII hexing meter through an HXEJ200 DC.
Then when we do another COSEM login, the GET for various values fails.
For example everything looks fine, it logs in with COSEM and the login works, then when we get the serial number, instead of returning the serial number with something like
C4 01 41 00 0A 0B 31 34 34 36 31 36 38 34 31 39 34
it returns a failed GET reply like
C4 01 41 01 0B
To get around that, we added a checkbox under 'Advanced Meter Settings' to?'Already Logged in on Cosem. Don't log in again' .
The problem with that method is that if you change it the fix is not immediately apparent (because the additional log in on the meter/modem is already in effect, and will only reset much later). You might have to restart the meter or wait for the meter second login to 'time out'. My advice would be to change it and leave it for a day and check it again the next day.

We have also encountered HXE130 (and others) that are encrypted in the DLMS. This means, you have to enter an Encryption key and an Authorization key for the meter.
So in that case, you'd get a D8 in the reply (after the login, which also usually works, when you try to get the serial number, it fails with a reply of D8)

Ok, so if encrypted, there is a generic way to define the encryption and authorization keys in a generic way that would work for all DLMS meters. To specify the encryption and authentication keys, when you select the meter, pls define the following 3 attributes: (Edit->Attributes)
AKey? ?(should be as set up in the meter e.g.? B0B1B2B3B4B5B6B7B8B9BABBBCBDBEBF)
Ekey? ? (should be as set up in the meter? e.g. 101112131415161718191A1B1C1D1E1F)
glo-encrypt? ?(should be set up as? ? ?true? )

When in the Edit->Attributes screen,?click on New Attribute Category
then enter DLMS and Save
then go to Edit->Attributes again
and click Setup Attributes again
click add_attribute_type
next to Attribute Name type AKey
for Type, select freeform
click Save
Then go? Edit->Attributes
click Setup Attributes again
repeat for EKey
then repeat agajn for glo-encrypt
then go Edit->Attributes again
then enter the values you want, for example:

(please note, that the values used in this post for the keys are just an example, and not the actual default values I had to use)

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2024-05-01 10:35

sample of D8. We think this means the DC cant see the meter

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