SyM2 back plane meters, how to publish


2019-05-02 13:53

Transcribed from an email

We are struggling to load this meter, we he correct procedure for this.
The meter was installed as a IPT modem meter, we uninstalled it but now we are not sure on how to install meter on Backplane.

Tags: sym2

2018-09-06 17:02

Wait no more: First step, make the meter show up in the explore page.

If the meter is not visible on the back plane, they cannot be loaded.

The first step is to make them show up in the Explore Back Plane page.

(if they have not been added yet, select and click Add to add the meter)

If they already exist, but it has been loaded as a regular modem SyM2 meter, and not a Backplane SyM2 meter, the procedure is also easy: it is the same procedure as when you change a modem of a meter.

In this case, 
  1. select the SyM2 meter in question, then 
  2. select the IPT modem to the left of it in the Overview screen.
  3. Then choose Tools->Replace Communication Device, and choose the Back Plane entity
  4. you're done: the meter has been moved from a SYM2 meter to a SYM2BP meter.

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