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2019-05-02 13:53

The following are excerpts from emails with regards to adding multiple different kinds of entities with a single upload using PnP Scada :
Enquiry :

'I hereby request the information about the multiple upload function as discussed on 2016-04-06.
The idea is to create a csv file that would contains the sim, modem, meter details for multiple installations.
The user would then upload this file and MDUS (PNPSCADA) should then create all the entities and their relationships.
A error output stating which could not be created would be of great help.'
Solution :
'The output is in the top of the upload screen: if successful it would say something like 'New entity created: 9925', otherwise it would state the problem. It has this for every line.
I've attached an example that adds a SIM, its IPT modem, and its SyM2 meter.
You'll see the column names, it is like the variables for addEntity at, for the respective class of entity.
The syntax for getting an entity id, is as described on the bulk upload page itself (Tools->BulkAddEntitiesFromUpload) '
(Here is the contents of the file, in case you have problems accessing the attachment:
'advar_class ','sim','cell','p94_num','p94_num0','Name','Account','p93_num','p93_num0','nextb','SNUMBER','MNUMBER','MNAME','PLACE','ZONE','SITE','FULLLOAD','CTPRIM','CTSEC','VTPRIM','VTSEC','PRIMARYM','WIRES','COMDATE','PASSWD'
'208',,,'1','$eid{key1:11112222333344445555;cid:102}','My IPT modem','FCFCFCFCFCFC',,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
'207',,,,,,,'1','$eid{key1:FCFCFCFCFCFC;cid:208}','Y','FCFCFCFCFCFD','FCFCFCFCFCFC','my SyM2 meter','PLACE','ZONE','SITE','100','1','1','1','1','Y','4','2016-04-07','PW0'


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