pri meter profile download


2012-09-03 11:51
Last Edited 2022-08-29 17:27

You can download a PRI (Premier) meter's profile using PACS.
You can download it at


2012-09-03 13:07

You need DOSBox to run the program on windows vista and up.
You can download the windows version of DOSBox at
make a folder c:\dosbox on your computer
extract into this folder
run dosbox and at the prompt type
mount c c:\dosbox
now type PACS{enter} to run it
it will ask for a username and password
the username is SUPERVISOR and the password is empty
once logged into PACS, go to Comms
then Meter Comms
then COM Port
choose the COM Port that your optical probe mounted on.
NOTE: You can only choose between COM1 and COM2, so if your optical probe did not mount on COM1/2, then change it to COM1/2 in device manager as described here:
OK, now your PACS is set up.
Go to Download CLEM to download the profile (make sure the meter is already connected).


2012-10-25 11:20

Make sure that when you extract the that it does not go into another sub folder, as in dosbox\pacs\pacs\

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