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2020-10-16 11:20

You can add a AD120 as a modbus meter:
Register Address 40960
Format: 4 Byte Integer

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2020-10-16 10:05

Are you sure? From my analysis of the register spreadsheet, it looks like register 40960 (decimal. HEX is A000H) on the third sheet, - note it is a kWh register.

And based on the fact the next register is 2 places on, it looks like a 4 byte integer. (2 modbus registers). Therefore the Format is in my opinion a 4 Byte integer. Not sure of the endian format of that, you must play around with that and see what you get.

Also, the scaling seems to be a ratio of 1/100, so you have to set the multiplier in Meter Details to 0.01 or 1 / 100, I think.


2020-11-12 10:11


2023-02-09 14:33
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Honeywell AD120

When Adding an AD120-Meter, add a Generic_Modbus_Meter

Use the following settings:
Modbus Address: xxx
Regester to: 000
Register to: 4 Byte Integer (Big Endian)

Set the xxx for the Modbus Address that was set with the software.
See Example of Default Setting 001 Defult 9600,EVEN,7,1  NOTE: Can be set to other Baud and Parity.


Go to Edit> Advanced Meter Settings

Change the Number of real time registers to read  from 0 to 1. And Submit

Now Change the settings to the following:

User Name______________Register_________________Format________________Scalar_________________Interpret As

Also set the meter to read every 30 min to have profile.
This Meter does not Log Profile and only logs Totals.

The results can be checked under Edit>Meter Totals


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2023-03-13 17:39
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Honeywell AD1200

Adding an AD1200 is fery close to adding an AD120 an is as follows:

Note The Formationg is = 4 byte Float (IEEE754)

Note the Regesters is : 256 and 44 with a 0.01 Scalar

CE 2023-03-13


2023-07-01 12:39

Honeywell AD120
Year Model 2022 with Touchscreen seems not to communicate with standard software.
Also the registers seems to be different. This is beading researched.

Here is the older Software to edit the Modbus Address. 

CE 2023-07-01

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