Summary Reports on Plug and Play Scada


2012-01-30 12:33

We would like to run reports reflecting the total kWh billed per building each month.

The Summary Billing Report gives us just that, however the page loads with one particular building but the search option does not allow me to search for another Meter Account Group.


2012-01-30 12:34

You need to add a Meter Account Group for every building, and add the Meter Accounts to it.

The first Meter Account Group was added in the beginning to show what the system can do.
It is a relatively easy process: just press the Add button in the Overview Screen, select all the Meter Accounts you'd like to add to the Meter Account Group, go next, specify the name for the Meter Account Group, and click Finish.
You can also assign different 'roles' for different Meter Accounts in the Meter Account Group, e.g. Incomer for the municipal infeed and Incomer (Tenant) for the tenant's accounts. This enables features like the 'Sub-metering Recon' report under View, that shows whether you over- or under- recover funds on a specific site.

Tags: event & alarm
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