When I validate my meter, it fails to pass the Audit! It says a Check Total is wrong?


2012-03-13 03:46

When I validate my meter on the validation screen, it fails to pass the Audit! It says a Check Total is wrong?
But I can't see any problems or inconsistencies in the total progression in Edit->MeterTotals.
Even when I set the verification percentage to 10%, it still fails! If says the Check Total is too big.
Help! How do I get rid of the meter from the validation screen? I need to run my bill, and I can't run it while the meter is listed on the validation screen!!!

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2012-03-13 03:51

If you look carefully at your Edit->MeterTotals screen, you'll probably see that all the totals are light gray.
If you look at the timestamps of your totals, you'll probably see that none of them falls on a profile period boundary.
What this means, is that the system cannot be 100% sure exactly how the profile and totals relate together, which means we cannot work out what the total should be on e.g. any half hour boundary. The system relies on the ability to be able to do just that, and it can't.
In order to get totals on the profile boundary, you should program the meter to save billing totals at a preset billing reset date & time. This will then save a total for billing every month, and at a profile period boundary. (You could also enter a manual reading at a half hour boundary, but that is considered inaccurate and this method should be treated with caution)
To get the line off your validation screen, try to enter a ludicrous validation percentage, e.g. 1000%, or even more.
In the mean time, the total consumption on your bill will be accurate, but your totals would not be, especially if your meter didn't start at 0.

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